Miss Twirling Athlete
Savanna Troupe

Youth Making Good
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Abuse Prevention


Baton Twirling
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Miss Arizona
Twirlers help out at the Miss
Arizona State Pageant by selling
Savanna's first year to compete in
the Miss Arizona State Pageant.  
She was a Freshman at ASU where
she twirled with the Sun Devil
Marching Band. This was her first
night of visitation and all the twirlers
were there to support her.
Miss Twirling Athlete Pageant Director
with this year's Miss Twirling Athlete-
Savanna Troupe and the current Miss
Arizona, Katherine Kennedy, also a
twirler at ASU in Tempe, AZ.
Savanna wins the Quality Life
Award and $1,000. Pictured with her
Director-Becky Hewitt