Fiesta Bowl 2006
Competition Pictures
2006 Fiesta Bowl Model Queens
back row l. to r.
Meredith Winnefeld, Andrea Krulowech,
and Kelsey Hartley
front row
Monica Hamm, Kaylee Hamm,
and  Alexis Horn
Novice Fiesta Bowl Twirlers
Sarah Harbin (10-12), Kaylee Hamm (0-6),
Monica Hamm (7-9), Erin Ketterman (13-15)
Beginner Fiesta Bowl Twirlers
Tanya Hughes (13-15), Mariah Byars (7-9), Ali Patberg (10-12)
Advanced Fiesta Bowl Twirlers
Meredith Winnefeld (10-12), Molly Johnson
(13-15), and Andrea Krulowech (16+)
Intermediate Fiesta Bowl Twirlers
Stivanni Athnniel (10-12)