Superstars and Starbrites perform their light baton routine in the
Phoenix, AZ televised Electric Light Parade on December 4, 2010. The
Arizona Twirling Athletes captured the APS Light Up Award for
performance groups!
Arizona Twirling Athletes parade float wins 2nd Place in
the City of Phoenix Electric Light Parade non-profit
catagory.The theme was "Sweet Dreams" and featured
the Snow Princess Alexis Mendez and nine of the Disney
Electric Light Parade 2010
Arizona Twirling Athletes pose
before the parade begins.  They
were at the beginning of the parade
and did a fantastic job to a packed
filled crowd.  The weather was
warm and fun to twirl.
Starbrite twirlers perform
with their hoops for the
first time.
New Kids Kombo Twirlers and two of their brothers performed in their first
Light Parade.  They held our official banner.  Standing behind is feature
twirler, Molly Johnson, who always excites the audience with her fantastic
3-Baton Routine.
Madelynn Cleis appeared on as she waved her magic
wand as Ariel, from the Little Mermaid.