Cave Creek 2008 Parade Pictures

was the theme for the
2008 Cave Creek Days
Parade.  Atop the float
were Savanna Troupe,
Miss Twirling Athlete 2008;
Kelsey Hartley, Miss
Arizona's Outstanding
Teen 2008; and other title
holers of the Arizona
Twirling Athletes Baton
Corps.  On the front of the
float is one of the youngest
twirlers in the corps.

float is designed by the
corps director, Becky
Hewitt and built completely
by volunteers.  The float
won the Best Youth Float
Award at the 2008 Cave
Creek Days Parade.
Alaina Hewitt leads the float on her
rocking pony.
The Arizona Twirling Athletes marching corps follows behing the banner
signs that are held by the Kids Kombo class.  The float is last in line.
Savanna and Kelsey are joined by Little
Miss Twirling Athlete Age Group winners on
the top of the float.
The STARBRITE team twirled hoops in
the 2008 Cave Creek Days Parade,
Arizona Twirling Athletes is proud of
Kelsey Hartley
Miss Arizona's Outstanding Teen 2008
Alaina Hewitt is Arizona Twirling