1st Place Flag Champions>>>
(left to right)
Intermediate 14:Tana Hughes
Beginner 15: Brittany Fredericks
Advanced 14: Molly Johnson
The girls and their moms watching an event at
Phoenix Superstars MOMS.
Thanks for all you do for your daughters!
Some of the girls take a rest in
between events
The girls pose with Good Luck flowers sent to them by Miss
Becky's husband Tom Hewitt.  This picture is a tradition that
was started many years ago.  Thanks Tom for all your support!
AYOP 2008 Pictures
The team posing after practice at AYOP
<<<1st Place Dance Twirl Team
Junior Beginner Large
"Ease on Down"
(front row, left to right)
Stephanie Dommin, Erin Ketterman, Stivani Athnniel,
Rhianna Byars
(back row, left to right)
Alexie Small, Tana Hughes, Katelyn Niemiec, Molly
Kelsey Hartley, Sarah Harbin